Recommendation system for tourists who do not have a trip plan in a city they visit. Chiang Mai, Thailand is used as a case study. Thailand Department of Tourism's database and Foursquare API are used in our recommender system to create a one-day trip for the user.

Planning your next journey and writing out a decent travel itinerary, when done thoroughly, is not something you can just bang out in an hour. If you really want to do this in-depth, you’ll have to get comfortable. So put on some good music, get a blanket and bring out the mint chocolate chip ice cream (Feel free to alternate these variables to your own liking).

This is the tip on which all of your other family travel tips are based on. Consider every family members’ preference before you make your mind but most importantly make sure its practical for every family member (kids, parents, spouse etc.). Example: You might find going on a vacation to Europe in the middle of winters a fascinating thing but for your parents or kids, it might really not be the best idea.

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